Anna Cowan

A couple of months back I had the pleasure of working with a local author by the name of Anna Cowan. She’s a prolific and insightful writer and I had the opportunity to put some love and texture into her blog. A love of books, old art prints, nice typography and dead things were the driving forces behind this project. The site is responsive and pairs down to the essentials as you move from a desktop browser to a mobile one. This one of my favorite projects this year to have worked on.


Recently I got to redesign and give their brand their first foray into online sales. It was a opportunity to freshen up and give the brand some more room to breath. Again a pleasure to work with Common Code and the Factorie team to get this across the line.

Cotton On

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to work with the Cotton On Group + Common Code in redesigning their website and giving their store a fresh facelift.


Countbounce – A lovely little re-envisioning of Pip Norman’s producer/songwriter alter ego’s website. Clean, personal and sharp as a tack. Also very responsive, plays just as nicely on mobile devices and tablets as it does on the desktop. So much good music right there to keep you warm and cosy.


A quick little brand, design and build for the lovely folk of StillWife, a fuzz-pop’ish band from Melbourne. Great photography by Wilk.

CO Exclusives

Recently I had the pleasure of designing a UI and feel for CO Exclusives to debut their flipbook of the current seasons looks. It was great to work closely with the crews at Cotton On and the awesome devs at Common Code, look forward to seeing more great things come out of this collab. Check it out.

Illustration Buzz

This has been a while in the pipeline, but Illustration Buzz launched recently. It combines a competition of Exquisit Corpse with the mad skillz of a talented crew of illustrators. A minor job for me, I was roped in to code the front-end using really modern CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. The flash components and editor were built by the venerable Millipede and the back-end and server-side wizardry by Nextstudio.

Story Communications

Last Friday I was pleased to launch Story‘s brand spanking new website along with a sweet and lean mobile version. Story is a fantastic Agency filled with great talent and awesome work. Congrats Erik, Aaron and Joel.

The Thousands

I am super pleased to announce my involvement in the the redevelopment of the Thousands group of websites. Working with Abitlikethis and Right Angle Studio I was tasked to develop a flexible CMS that would give their editors a more robust environment, along with ways to leverage all their awesome content in new and interesting ways. Congrats Right Angle & Abitlikethis and all the crew involved, it’s slick!